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Renewing Family Strengths

Helping Families Stay Together

Targeted Mental Health Case Management

Passionate and Qualified Staff

Renewing Family Strengths offers moderate to intensive case management services for children, young adults and their families. Our staff of extensively trained Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHPs) is dedicated to keeping children out of Psychiatric Hospitals, Residential Treatment Facilities, Child Protective Services and the Juvenile Justice System. 

Evidence Based Approaches

Renewing Family Strengths offers a wide range of services, all of which have been proven to help children and their families manage behavioral and mental health issues. All services provided are completely free for children enrolled in Medicaid. 

As of now, we are only able to provide services to Bexar & surrounding counties, Austin, Williamson, Bell, Dallas + Tarrant and surrounding counties.

Phone Number

(800) 394-4939 


403 S WW White, #200
San Antonio, TX 78219

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